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Erika Cherry

Publishing Director

Erika Cherry is a native of Louisiana and mom of 3 talented girls. She is an advocate of Dyslexia Awareness and STEM Awareness. As a lover of great stories and an avid reader, Erika is educated as a Mechanical Engineering and found a love in the book publishing process.


Erika is a global engineer with a passion for STEM awareness and proud mother of 3 girls. As an avid reader throughout her life, she encouraged her girls to read and learn new things through lived experiences. After discovering that her brilliant twins learned differently than their peers, she fostered a new environment of learning while advocating for dyslexia awareness in schools and communities across the world.


Erika currently lives in Texas where she supports her daughters (the authors who couldn’t read) with Double Trouble Press, a literary publishing company for those who support kids with super powers. In this new adventure, she has taken the role of publishing director, author, editor, and illustrator.

Erika Cherry
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