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Zariah Cherry


Zariah Cherry is an 11 year old, writer, and award-winning author of her debut book “Lulu, the Lollipop Girl”, which is part of a new book series, "Lulu". Zariah started creating books as a 4-year-old, writing stories that only she understood.

At age 6, she was diagnosed with dyslexia but continued writing stories in her collection of journals or stapled paper. She enjoys exploring, examining geodes, traveling with her family and learning about animals. Zariah currently lives in Texas with her parents, identical twin, and younger sister.

Keep in touch with Zariah via Instgram: @BooksByZariah

Zariah’s books are written and illustrated by people with superpowers (Dyslexia), her books are created using speech recognition software and printed in Comic Sans for readers like her.

Zariah Cherry
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